#LightPath project


Through the strategic alliance between the Asotransito, Fashion Vial y Llamado a la Conciencia Vial, we seek to support Venezuelan migrants who are crossing the border of different countries by foot, through the delivery of a ribbon / bracelet (for adults and children ) made with fluorescent and reflective materials with compartments for any document held by the migrant, it is intended for the citizens to be visible for drivers of Colombian roads, and thus avoid traffic accidents due to lack of visibility.

Every day tens of thousands of Venezuelans cross the border with Colombia, which has been a host country and passage for millions of them, on the other hand, a large part of these people undertake long walks on Colombian roads to get to Ecuador, Peru or other southern countries, all this according to testimonies in search of opportunities and a better lifestyle.

Not all Venezuelans who enter Colombia stay, many of those who arrive in Cúcuta walk along several roads to the border of Ecuador to emigrate to that country or to Peru or Chile.

Therefore, it can be said that crossing part of Colombia on foot is a challenge faced by dozens of Venezuelans who, without transportation money, venture from the Venezuelan border on the roads to the Colombian territory to reach cities in the interior in search of work.

According to investigative journalism, Venezuelans declare long walks during the day and even at night reaching late hours of the night by long stretches of road and highways without much lighting and high risk areas, as they are fast roads structurally unsuitable for pedestrians, adding unfavorable climatic conditions, both for health and visibility, reinforces the need for reflective clothing in order to avoid or reduce the risk of a road accident.

UN statistics indicate that about 2.3 million Venezuelans have left their country in the face of the crisis that they are living there.


It is necessary and indispensable to offer visibility to walkers and thus reduce the possible risk factor in a traffic accident, taking into account the vulnerability of these people due to fatigue, inadequate and in some cases precarious feeding, as well as the climate factor and the emotional instability before an uncertain future.

Asotransito, Fashion Vial y Llamado a la conciencia decided to activate ourselves with "Camino De Luz" or “Light Path”, for this we need your collaboration to achieve in the initial phase 1000 reflective bracelets that will be delivered in Pamplona-Colombia, which is a strategic site to attract the migrant from walking.

We need to raise $ 7650 to cover all the manufacturing and logistics expenses of the project. For the manufacture, imported materials are required, which are not available in Venezuela. Regarding the logistics of the project, there will be a donation day of necessary clothing for these migrants, such as sweaters, shoes and food.

We need to make 1000 to start and we know they are few, but we also understand the complication in getting the money necessary to start production.

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